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Professor Marty Morell

Jazz Professors

Marc has developed a technique for building snare drums that is absolutely fantastic. All of the drums that you see on this page will sound awesome. He has a huge variety of different sounding drums that would suit any style of music that you play. The White Mother of Pearl drum that is displayed, is mine and I absolutely love it. Not only does it sound great, it also looks beautiful done up in the classic WMP. Looking forward to seeing my wood hoops with WMP inlay that Marc is making for me. Never have seen a snare done up like that.

Dr. Carlos Mayo

Just received my snare from Marc. The craftsmanship is top notch. This snare sounds and looks amazing. It’s very sensitive while still providing projection and body with an amazing backbeat. This snare was featured in the 2014 snare drum Olympics. Take a listen for yourself look it up on YouTube. By the way I also own a brady snare and I have to say Marc’s snare sounds much better. Thanks Marc. You build a mean snare.

Go Backline

Thank you Hayward Custom Drums for making such incredible snares!

Wyatt Scott Kassin

Monday's Mona Lisa

Amazing craftsmanship on all of the drums made by this guy! Anybody who wants a custom drum should get in touch with them immediately. Marc is a really great guy and makes TOP quality snares!

Ian Creswell

I purchased a Hayward custom snare drums for our son a few years ago and he loves it. It plays great and has an amazing sound!

Dr. Marco Castellini

Great craftsmanship, attention to detail, and incredible tone. If you are looking for those qualities in a drum, look no further. 5 stars!

William Lis

I have know Marc for many years! He has a passion for woodworking and accomplished percussionist. I love my maple shell snare Marc crafted for me. The tone is pure and dynamic. I would highly recommend Hayward Custom Drums.

Professor Jeff Rupert

Professor of jazz studies, UCF

top shelf drums. This guy has a voice. Check his gear out! We've recorded with his drums numerous times, and they are fantastic.

Chad Elrod

New quarter sawn White Oak Stave drum via Hayward Drum Co.! This dude is legit!

Scott Zymowski

Off Kilter

I love my Hayward snare! It sounds fantastic, works for every style of music. Each drum is a masterpiece of sound and aesthetics.

Pete Van Nostrand

Thanks so much for making a great looking and playable drum. Not only is the drum visibly beautiful, it sounds great. It has a vintage vibe with the sensitivity, resonance, projection, and ease of tuning of a new drum. It is one of those drums that fit in from the first note. I have used it on two recordings and almost every gig since receiving it. It dials in and fits in easily. Currently it is set up with Gibraltar triple flange hoops, Remo Ambassador heads, and Canopus vintage snare wires. Couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Brad Greene

I got to play my first Hayward snare in Florida as part of a rented kit in early 2015. I fell in love with it immediately. You told me the snare I played was a favorite of a friend of yours and built me one just like it. What made it extra special was your willingness to craft the Hayward label out of a piece of a tree limb from my childhood home. Before I got my Hayward snare I was playing a Pearl snare that could charitably be described as "piercing". Our bass player wouldn't even stand next to it. But the snare you built has such warm tones...and is beautiful to look at. I won't play anything else.

Jeffrey Roncalli

Pajama Slave Dancers

Great, Fast Snare! The plan is to record with it this weekend. Works great in both punk rock and country settings. Again the feel is fantastic! Thanks.