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All Hayward drum shells are warrantied for life!*
If, under normal use, any shell cracks, separates, de-laminates, or fails, simply send it back (postage either way, not included), and it will be repaired or replaced with a shell of equal value.

*Does not cover hardware, heads, wires or rods.

Quercus Alba

White Oak

Also known as White Oak or “The Chad”. Bright, focused, articulate, with a steely backbeat. Our most popular shell. Best when quartersawn.

Prunis Serontina

American Black Cherry

American Black Cherry – A bit softer, but extremely dense hard wood. Complex and musical, much like a brass shell drum.

Quercus rubra/Quercus nigra

Red Oak/Black Oak/Water Oak/Live Oak

Red Oak, Black Oak, Water Oak, and Live Oak are also very hard musical “woods”. Plentiful and consistent like Red Oak, to figured and curly like Water Oak. Some harvested right here on our property in Ocoee, Florida!

Acer Saccharum/Acer Rebrum/Acer Macrophyllum


Maple! Hard, or soft a favorite of drum builders for decades. By far, the most widely drum material due to it's strength, hardness and beautiful grain. Also prized because of it's many beautiful effects. Tiger, bird's eye, quilt, and curly maple.



Or Paduak – A very hard, dense, strong African wood. It's brilliant orange color fades to a warm brown over time. Another favorite of our customers.